Repoint delivers you real-time logistical optimization based on a completely new operating principle

In recent years, RePoint has developed a patented real-time locating principle, called SemiMesh. During this development, we have gained a great deal of experience with all common track and trace technologies in healthcare. With the node-based SemiMesh we go a step further than the current, frequently mentioned, RTLS, which in our view is all too often not real time.

RePoint develops for healthcare and together with healthcare. That is why we also offer the right balance of accuracy, scalability and cost efficiency for your organization.

But the real value for our customers is created by integrating location determination into logistics processes at healthcare locations. We therefore have distinctive solutions for every healthcare segment.

We have learned from and with our customers that multiple track and trace technologies can quietly add value alongside each other in the process of logistics optimization. We base this on considerations such as history (legacy), process step in the logistics process and cost versus accuracy. Ultimately, our customer determines which technology is applied.

With more than 1500 locations that use our software and / or hardware, we understand what your needs are. We are happy to help you optimize your logistics through a sound project approach.

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RePoint provides the most optimal combination of hardware and software for real-time indoor track & trace systems.


Our development core

RePoint believes it is important to continue to innovate, so the following development pillars are important to us.


The basis of all our solutions is based on a comprehensive and efficient logistics process that takes into account the dynamics in healthcare. When we use such an integrated logistics process for our customers, this always leads to higher patient safety, satisfied end users and more efficiency.


Our own patented operating principle is leading for all real-time localization. We provide this with PoE, 4G and now also 5G. Our nodes also provide more and more sensor information. We are working towards a system where all real-time localization techniques work on the basis of this principle.


In addition to our own technical solution, we also have a great deal of knowledge of other common localization techniques. We also always use multiple techniques where we use this based on the actual needs of our customers. We do not push on technology.


Thanks to our long experience, we have unique knowledge of the actual operational situation in the various customer segments. We have integrated these experiences into our solutions, but we also use them to ensure that with each implementation the stated goals are actually achieved by properly guiding the client in this.